Boise & Beyond     

25th Anniversary National Letterhead
by: Ron Percell


Kristi & I had the pleasure of attending the 25th Anniversary National Letterhead, 
Bravo, my hats off to Noel & Lucy Weber, and to Steve & Margaret Marlett.

Thank you for the most memorable, fun filled, educational experience I've
had in quite a while, I believe this meet outdid itself, mainly to do with an
outstanding staff & crew.

Boise is one of America's most Beautiful, and friendly towns.
During the meet we saw temperatures reach 100+ degrees,
It was a "Dry Heat" as many described.

Like most meets, we found ourselves  lost in a sea of conversations, classes,
and friends, both new and old. Between those times, Kristi and I managed
to capture a few photos for our friends who could not make it, we couldn't catch
everything, but here's a few for you to enjoy.



Wednesday Night Bar-B-Que & Volleyball










Workshops & Friends













Banquet Dinner













Time for a big happy Birthday for Lucy Weber & Bob Harper
Afterwards John Studden gave Noel Weber a  Beautiful gilded & carved glass panel
























Basque Dance group performing before installation





Local News Coverage on the event, and projects for the community







A Boise Sunset for Rick Sacks





A few signs from old town Boise





Few shots of Noel Weber's Shop "Classic Design Studios"




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