Conclave 15

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I recently attended 15th annual Conclave,
the Conclave is by invitation only, and features some of the
finest Sign Artists in the world sharing gilding techniques.

I would like to thank our hosts Rick Glawson & Lola Grey
& all of the staff, from the bottom of our hearts to the end of our Brushes!

When I received my invitation, We immediately made our plans to attend.
I had heard from friends about about the Conclave, which is held at Esoteric Sign Supply & Fine Gold Sign Company
in Wilmington, California, south of Los Angeles, but had not had the pleasure of visiting in person.

Known by many Sign Artists as the "Candy Shop", I soon learned why, once you step inside you'll understand.
Esoteric is a Gilders paradise.

Kristi & I thought we might bring home a few photo's for our fellow Letterhead friends to view over the internet.
There were too many names to list, too little time for photos,  and as always Never enough time to Work!

I'm sure you'll be able to find a friend or two you might recognize.

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Gilders Symposium Logo by David Butler

Photos by: Ron & Kristi Percell