"the Ole Chicken Barn"

Our first Guests to arrive were Richard Bustamante and Francisco Vargas aka "Cisco" the Traveling Millennium Sign Artist. As a matter of fact they showed up a day early to kick it off right! We stayed up until 3pm talking shop, computers, and web stuff.

"Members of Letterheads"

The next morning came so soon, Bill Davidson aka "Just Plain Bill" was the first to show up, then Rich Stebbing aka "Warpaint".

Later that day my brother Keith Percell aka "Super Guru", showed up and even later Sol Means, aka "Sol the Signman" from Oakland Ca., Sol is a window splash artist. Sol came up to get help setting up his first computer and to meet some Letterheads.
We also set-up a Live-Broadcast with Video ahead of time, in order to prepare for the first letterhead live broadcast available to members of letterhead.com through Net-Meeting, It went well Friday night, but with the load of folks on the net Saturday we found it difficult to stay connected. Sorry if you couldn't connect. We did have Judy visit while the video was up so I guess we were successful, although we were sorry we never got Rick Sacks hooked up.
"Richard Bustamante and Keith Percell working on the live broadcast"

"Computer Talk with Keith Percell"

It seemed like the name "Micro Meet" was perfect, because 80% of the meet was discussions on Computers eg( designing, programs, filters, web sites, and of coarse Letterheads.com)

Keith Percell showed up to fine tune ideas in computing and was surrounded the whole time with a ton of questions. Keith has also been lettering from a early age but ended up becoming one of the best computer instructors in northern California and is also Microsoft Certified tech. Keith really helped out with questions relating to the web and Computer Design.
Cisco (Francisco Vargas) was full of stories about everyone he had visited on his trip and had video taped many interviews of signfolks folks that we watched during the meet. I'll tell you, we'll be seeing this guy on the ole Tele soon. Cisco also lettered a Very cool Panel for Our very first letterhead,, Thank You Cisco!
"Cisco lettering a panel for the meet"
"Traveling Millenium Banner"
Richard Bustamante did a demo of his "Wet-On-Wet Technique", WOW, he's working on putting a instructioanl video together on this technique, These beautiful mural/backgrounds really amaze folks, this was one of the few times we could get this guy off the computer, hehe.

Rich Stebbings Discussed franchised sign companies, sells promotion, sign techniques, and demonstrated the proper educate for eating while surfing the net, haha. Rich has been there and done that, the guy is real sharp!
"Rich Stebbings Hanging out"

"Bill Davidson"
Bill Davidson from San Leandro Ca. came up to enjoy the commrodory of fellow sign artist, Bill had successful shops before he retired in the bay area for many years and provided many insights on Owning/Operating a commercial sign shop. Bill has taken up a new career in metal fabrication designer since his days as a owner-operator using torch tipped giant metal cutting plotters, Awesome.  Oh yeah, We even got bill to get his hand wet with paint again, thanks for getting that project door going again for me Bill, Bill can really swing a brush.

Sol Means showed up around 10pm that night to get a little micro Cram and dinner. Sol is a window splash artist from Oakland and has had only 3 month of unformal training in 15 years and is a natural.
"Sol the Signman"

Heres the Infamous "Traveling Millenium Banner" , this Banner has traveled with Cisco from "Coast to Coast"
A close-up of the demo of Richard Bustamante's "Wet on Wet" technique finshed and dry in 15 min.

"Just look at all of those lettered sign vehicles"
"Rich, Bill, and Cisco checking out some of the pictures of signs, taken on Francisco's trip" "Richard Bustamante and Keith Percell talking about how small something was"

What started out as a few friends stopping by turned into Our first Letterhead within two days. We ended up having 8 west-coast sign artist show up, one Via the Live Broadcast. Although it snuck up on us without notice in just two days (lasted 4 days), It was great and We'll plan to send out notice well in advance of our next meet.

Thank You One and All for coming to Our 1st Nor-Cal MicroMeet!

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