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pss_banner-logo.GIF (11202 bytes)      1999 Nor-Cal 14 

Kristi and I had a wonderful time at the annual Product Sign Supply Nor-Cal Letterhead

Thank you Betty, Kay, Ray, Bunny, Dave, and all of the staff at PSS for all of the hard work putting together a quality show featuring a multitude of talent/vendors.

The Crowd wasn’t as large as years past, which provided ample opportunity for all Letterheads to get a hands on experience to remember for a lifetime.

I wish I could of had time to visit with everyone, seems there’s just never enough time at a letterhead. If I leave anyone out, its only because I've sponged up as much as I possibly could, and I'm pretty warn out this morning from a great weekend.

I have to offer forward a big Thank You! to Rick "Awesome" Glawson for having me as a assistant during his Glass Gilding demo, I flat out love gilding, and working with a craftsman of Rick's Caliber is truly a most rewarding experience.

Lola Grey, aka GoldenMom, of Esoteric Sign Supply also came to show some of the finest Lettering/gilding products available inthe world, Lola has over all others, made Kristi and I feel like part of this family we call Letterheads.

Kent and Judi Smith of Smith Sign Studio Greeley, Colorado came out to educate the masses.  Kent and Judy are great, they're both Encyclopedias of knowledge, and now they’ve really given Kristi and I the Ole Letterhead Bug.  I wish I could of broke away more often to spend more time visiting. We anxiously look forward to our next opportunity to meet!

Kristi and Nancy Blohm spent alot of time together visiting, thank you Nancy for the encouragement, Kristi really enjoyed your company

Francisco Vargas aka "The Traveling Millenium Sign Artist" came to the show packing Iron, or I should say Gold. Cisco, my good friend, brought a beautiful Gilded Glass/ Faux/Airbrushed Show panel.

Gary Erickson gave a class on carving.  Kristi found out on Sunday how the hours can fade away when you’re having so much fun. Gary, I want to thank you, now we’ve a second Carver at Percell Signs, Kristi Loves Carving!

Rod and Butch Anton put on their now classic "Superfrog " demo, these two put on a great show.  Kristi attended, and created a Sweet panel for our Showroom.

Marlon Moss gave an Airbrush demo, and showed us how to bring alive our work using Fundamental airbrush techniques.

Thomas Plumb won the Signgold Millenium Panel Contest, and walked away with a cool $1000.00us.  Look for it in the trade magazines.

Darren Stoltz represents One-Shot, he gave demos on Airbrushing Tee shirts, he also let everyone have a chance to try it. Darren is a natural at it, and you’ll see his work all over the place soon!

There were many "" members at the meet, Rick Sacks aka Rixax and his son Jake, Jerry Mathel, Rich Stebbing, Adrienne Morgan, Rod Anton, Stefenie Harris, Nancy Blohm, Jack Wills, and Herb Martinez

Once again, I apologize if anyone else was left out.

Copyright 1999 Ron Percell Jr. - All Rights Reserve.